About Us

We at "Right Resource Hub" (RRH), have extensive market experience in providing professional staffing and HR shared services to our clients. We build long term relationships with our employees, offering them multiple opportunities through redeployment, training and career progression. We have been highly ranked by our clients in developing long-term staffing strategies and our strong commitment is to provide the highest quality talent in multiple areas across the organization.

Our expertise is in offering complete suite of solutions to our valuable clientele across industry for meeting the recruitment and staffing needs, employment Pass in 6 different countries in APAC, staff augmentation based on client needs, worldwide mobility for client staff etc. We offer a positive difference to client’s requirements by providing exemplary customer service through our competent team of professionals.

Competitive advantage is complemented with our regional presence in APAC region by our parent organization delivering seamless services and solutions since over a decade to MNC organizations.

It is part of our culture to build solid relationships with our valuable clientele. We want to know who you are, what you do, how you work, and who you like to work with so that we can adapt ourselves to your working conditions and provide an apt solution to be able to give the value for money in the form of ROI. We develop a sense for the types of applicants who might fit in with our clientele, and our extensive process of pre-vetting candidates means that we have the information on hand to respond to your needs fast.

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