What We Do

Professional Staffing

At RRH, recruiting has been the core of our business.

Staff Augmentation

RRH is a pioneer in Staff Augmentation industry

Temporary Placements

Staff shortages. Holidays. Maternity leave. If you are like most of our clients

Contract and Sub-Contract Placements

RRH understands that our clients may need to hire contract / sub-contract employees

Umbrella / Parking Services

Sometimes, clients may want to manage the recruitment and selection of employees internally,

Staged Recruitment

In some instances, a client may require only a portion of our recruitment process

Vision & Mission

To be No.1 in the industry providing full spectrum HR and related services<

To keep RRH in the No. 1 spot in the industry when it comes to full spectrum HR services; be it recruitment, training, visa and mobility services, payroll processing, high end HR Consulting, labor arbitrations... you name it and the answer should be RRH.

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